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What and Who are the Clever Senoras?

The Clever Senoras are richly experienced compassionate women with a broad range of gynecological cancers, talents, and dreams. If you have a gynecological cancer the Clever Senoras are on your journey with you.

Contact Pat Belletto, Volunteer Coordinator, to be part of the Fun, Friendship, Warmth, Caring, Laughter and Hugs at Clever Senoras!

Please notify us if you are a woman in need of help or resources. Clever Senoras is an inclusive support for women at all levels of treatment/survivorship and of all ages with gynecological cancer, regardless of treating practitioner, so Senoritas are welcome too. Gynecological Cancers originate in the female reproductive system: (Cervix, Ovaries, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, Vagina, and Vulva).

The mission of The Gynecological Cancer Awareness Project is to empower women who are fighting gynecological cancer by providing education and support - helping them to live a healthy and inspired life.

About the Gynecological Cancer Awareness Project (GCAP)
Our grassroots foundation funds and supports the Clever Senoras patient peer support group. Open to all women with gynecological cancers, the group meets periodically to socialize and engage in the creative expression of each woman’s experience with cancer. The Clever Senoras work with the GCAP Board of Directors to develop events and activities that benefit women with gynecological cancers.

Achievements include:

GCAP is the only organization that specifically assists and serves all New Mexico women with gynecological cancers. We have the potential to reach over 500 women per year who have very limited resources available to them. We are a presence at community events educating the public about the prevention, screening and treatment of the different gynecological cancers affecting women of all ages, from those experiencing their first hormonal changes to our beloved grandmothers. Women receiving supports have voiced that the hardest part of having cancer is not the surgery or even the difficult chemotherapy but trying to live in a "new normal" when treatment is completed. The Gynecological Cancer Awareness Project brings joy, comfort, education and financial assistance to the women in need from New Mexico and the southwest region.

The Gynecological Cancer Awareness Project (GCAP), headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, is fiscally sponsored by the Southwest Research and Information Center, a public 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. GCAP was founded in 2010 by an oncology nurse, Amy Gundelach RN, BSN, OCN and the highly regarded, gynecological oncology surgeon and treating oncologist, Luis Padilla Paz, M.D. Through the generosity of a giving community GCAP supports women with evidence-based education, peer support groups, a specialized lending library, and financial aid while raising community awareness of the battle with gynecological cancers and prevention of cancer.

Since its inception, GCAP has raised over $40,000 annually to support programs to provide direct help to women with devastating cancers. Your investment will help us help more women with the direct services to live well with cancer and have improved quality of life.

Office Location

7007 Wyoming NE  Suite D3

Albuquerque, NM. 87109


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